In war, there are no unwounded soldiers

-Jose Narosky


you never escaped my mind,
you with the feathered-pen
brown eyes and
beestung lips

there's refuge in the warmth
of your hands;
certainty in the tightness
of your embrace

we've been here
twice, love
but it is still the same old you
faded jeans
white shirt,
and a ransomed smile
which puts me off track
each time, everytime.

you with smallest set of teeth
that grits at the most stupendous
and exults eagerly to a sight
of a newly baked bread
or a freshly brewed coffee

the world sets at your palms
and travels with you;
i want to watch you soar higher
like a blackbird in the midst
of the darkness and into the light

you’re forever in my pocket
blues-man ---

just keep rockin'. 

i miss you...


blackbird fly....


ay nanginginig. naririndi.

hindi ko alam kung saan ako

paikot-ikot lang.
parang mga salita mong
hangin lang ang laman.

nawa'y mahimlay na rin ako
sa katahimikan.


vicissitude, convoluted.

you, the xylem.
i, the phloem.

unscrewing ruminations;
cascading premonitions.

this space.
the distance



of the sky to

the moon.

your cunning gaunt
echoes a deafening sound,

of ten thousand decibels ----

but not quite.
not quite.

somewhere far

the girl with the

dreamcatcher tattoo
runs home.

and finds nothing,

but cobwebs and
illiterate hardbounds of atlas.

this stark blindness

ushers down
as it traces
back to the acromion process
of this solid,
unparalleled nostalgia.

wailing in vain.

how far,

is near?
the miniscule minutes,
the fragments of days

are that mastodon nightmares

choking us, burying us


to the pitfall

of nothingness ----




day 1.

i cannot act
like i just
don't care.
because i do.
and it gets harder as the clock
continues its stinging movement
making you move
farther away
and away,
from me.

i don't.
i don't want this to end...

not yet, love.



i bleed.
i break.
nothing humors me
than some fancy old diabolical
parable, that is meant
to deceive.

i lie.
i cheat.
nothing pleasures me
than seeing people
fuck each other up.

i laugh.
i cringe.
nothing excites me
more than witnessing a throng
go crazy over
some fictitious
character that
is melded to perfection.
as if, one truly exists.

i run.
i grieve.
is worth the pain,
lest you know
it is REAL.

i love.
i screw up.
can bring me
to my knees,
no one


It was that day. The same day when you and I defied all odds.
But it was different then, was it?
You felt things. You were brave enough to prove it.

And I was courageous enough to give this a chance.
I wish things didn’t have to change at all.
This won’t be easy. It won’t.
Of all the people, I, with the steel of heart,

Now, with all that’s left of us
I just wish you find where you rightfully belong.
No, I won’t be the cause of your demise.
I won’t.

We all want freedom.
Is this the way we’re supposed to have it?
I hope to be a free man. But I never want to be a lone man.
One thing’s for sure though.

Somewhere, somehow, I know I would never love anybody ever again.